Ripened Avocados? Worry Not! Here Are the Top Tips to Prevent Damaging of the Fruit

The naturally rich fruit both in terms of nutrition and taste, avocado is the favourite for those following a strict diet patterns. Also known as the most notorious fickle foods in the produce section of the grocery store, avocados have a tendency to test your patience first in terms of its ripening, second in terms of its getting damaged after cutting it open.

While avocados are generally consumed in half quantities and it is rare that the entire fruit gets consumed in one serving, the key to eating it fresh and without any damage is to store it correctly. One quick fix for this, according to health experts, is to store it with onion as it slows the oxidation process and helps combat the browning of the fruit due to onion’s sulphur content.

It can be checked by storing the avocado face down with chopped onions in a container and keeping the same in the refrigerator. It not only increases the life of the avocado by two days, but also ensures it remains fresh.

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In case one does not have onions, then one can also take the other route of keeping your avocados fresh and healthy – by covering them with a paper wrap and storing them in the refrigerator. The main idea is to protect it from exposure to oxygen which leads to the browning of the fruit.

Another alternative of storing the ripe avocado is to cover it with lemon juice and then wrap a plastic around it and then store it in a fridge. There is yet another method of ripening avocados being preserved carefully in order to take care of its flavors, nutrition and overall condition is to convert them into pickles. While it is the best for avocados which are just ripe and firm, they are kept in the fridge for a week.

All one needs to do is to heat the mixture of one part of water to one part vinegar along with salt, sugar, and the whole spices like coriander and peppercorns. Bring it to a boil, dissolve the salt and sugar, and let it cool. Once you have halved and sliced the firm-ripe avocados, the peel has to be removed. Add to the jar and top with vinegar mixture, chill for at least a couple of hours before one enjoys it. Preserving for a day or more is although much better.

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