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I just want to let you know that my brother-in-law received the birthday gift of the avocados from your farm! He LOVES them!!!! They are gorgeous..so big and amazing to look at! He has already decided which ones he will taste first and wants to do a “sampling” for the family!! It was such a pleasure to work with you both to place this special order. It’s challenging to find the perfect gift, but your avocados did the trick. Your suggestions and descriptions of the various types made it an easy choice for me to make the selections.  We were shocked at their sizes, as we are used to getting the commercial avacados from the grocery store. They arrived so quickly and beautifully packaged. My brother-in-law has been reading the enclosed information booklet and finds it so informative!!

We will look forward to ordering from you all again! Can’t wait to taste these avocados and to try some new varieties from your farm in the future!!

Thank you again!!


Atlanta, Georgia

About Us

Our family has been growing avocados in the San Diego County for 92 years and over the years we have collected many old Heirloom varieties that produce wonderful tastes and textures. We have 16 varieties producing now and have introduced 4 new members to our collection. The Queen claims the title of the largest of all varieties at 3 to 5 pounds per fruit. The Gem is like Hass in shape & skin texture that comes off during & even later than the Hass.


The Super Polinator that is a Lamb Hass in shape has a pebbly thick green skin and Hass like texture/flavor. Aficionados claim Super Polinator is the best of all avocado varieties. We are continually on the hunt for more Heirloom varieties that will bring pleasure to your taste pallet. We work with farmers, collectors, and the state of experimental station in search of exotic Heirloom varieties. If you have a favorite variety that we do not offer, we’d love for you to contact us! We will work to create inventory for your preferred section of Avocado’s if possible.

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Avocado Monthly Makes A Perfect Gift! Send Your Loved Ones Fresh Avocados Year Round

  • Hello Ralph, The avocados arrived last week, Thank You. 1 zutano ripened first. Then a fuerte. Oh sweet mother of god … you have created a perfect substitute for sex!!! Fuerte = the ut-most perfect example of what an avocado is … and sex should be. The other fuerte ripened today. I just want to thank You and I will look into your website, in the near future. I am considering a monthly 6 pack. mmm mmm mmm… . .. Joseph

  • Guess what, my first avocado was ripe and I had it for dinner last night. YUM, YUM, now thats good eating!!! It was a big Hass, and man did it have a lot of flavor. Thanks a bunch, will really enjoy them. You guys are special. Love you guys, John

    John Ogden 
  • Hi Ralph! I just wanted to let you know that everybody loved the avocado baskets that Tim and I sent for Christmas gifts! I loved your idea and I truly hope you were overwhelmed with orders. I think this will be my gift of choice to send during the coming year instead of flowers. So this is fair warning that you will be hearing from me again. Thank you for making my gift giving so wonderful and so easy! Patty

    Patty Rosa 
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Avocados shipped monthly all year long, so that you can have fresh organically-grown avocados for your table. Ours are the best, freshest, tastiest avocados and shipped the day picked delivered right to your front door.