Season Schedule

The chart below outlines variety is at their prime. Some of the avocado variety heirlooms produce every other year like the Furete, Nabal, Daily 11, and Lamb Hass. Regular crops every year are the Hass, Zuntanto, Samee and Pinkerton. We taste test varieties each month before shipping them to our customers to insure the best quality of each monthly shipment. Avocados are shipped straight from our family orchard to your doorstep every month. You simple choose how many avocados you want monthly and we pick, pack, and ship them that the same day.

We ship avocados all year long across across the United States. Listed below is all of our present varieties and their characteristics for you to better understand the fruit, tree, texture, and taste each has to offer.

Variety Characteristics

Winter & Spring


Medium size, thin black skin, small seed, taste and consistency rich and smooth like a Fuerte October to December


Large size, thin lite green skin, large seed, taste is fresh and smooth, October thru January (very strong seed stock…used commercially today)


Large size, thin dark green skin, large seed, rich creamy Fuerte like consistency, December thru January


Medium to large size, thin velvety skin, small seed, rich & creamy with a hint of spicy consistency, November thru February

Sir Prize

Large sized, thin black skin, small seed, taste & consistency rich, and creamy like a Fuerte, November to March


Medium to Large sized, thin green skin, medium seed, excellent creamy rich taste consistency, October thru April (AN OLD FAVORITE)

Early Summer


Large size, Thicker pebbly green skin, small seed, green rich creamy consistency December thru April (ripens from the inside out)


Medium to large oval shape, thin black skin, large seed, peppery fresh creamy taste, March thru May (original seed stock)


Medium size, thicker green skin, medium seed, rich creamy taste and consistency, March thru June, grows like a vine, (The summer Fuerte)


The GOLD standard today, medium size, thick black skin, small seed, rich nutty flavor, January thru July depending on imports

Daily 11

Giant size, 3 to 4#;s, very thick green skin, medium seed, rich creamy consistency, May thru July, (our largest but picky producer)


Medium sized green skin, mid-season, one of the best tasting

Summer and Fall


Medium to large size, small seed, rich creamy consistency, April thru July Fuerte like in shape and size


Large to Giant round size, very thick green modeled skin, large seed, Rich smooth consistency, April thru July, one of the original finicky favorites


Large to Giant round size, very thick dark green skin, Medium seed, Rich nutty consistency, May thru September-October

Lamb Hass

Large to Giant size, Very thick black skin, small seed, Rich nutty like the Hass and reed consistency, May thru September-October, Our Thanksgiving Guac


Medium size, Oval shaped, green to black pebbly skin, small seed, rich creamy(nutty)consistency June thru November, Our new late season Hass like


Largest known variety. 3 to 5# very thick/Black skinned. Hass like texture & taste, mid to late season


The thick to very thick-skinned fruit can pose a problem to some not used to a thick skinned fruit (use the toothpick trick).

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