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The Foster Rainbow Ranch

The foster Rainbow Ranch is in the north/east corner of Fallbrook in an area called Rainbow. Rainbow was one of the original areas developed in the pioneer days as it was right on the old 395 Highway going to riverside from San Diego. The Ranch butts up to the 2,000 acre Mt Olympus Preserve, surrounded on the north-east of the Ranch with the coastal mountain range and blessed with the Gomez Creek running through the middle of it Ranch onto to the San Luis Rey River that meanders west to the Pacific Ocean. This allows the coastal afternoon breezes to flow up into the canyons every afternoon cooling those hot days off for the trees, and it stops the rain clouds from passing increasing the rainfall over the Ranch. The ranch is blessed with steep slopes helping water to drain off into the many little check dams allowing it to penetrate into the thirsty aquifers, recharging the many wells on the ranch. The slopes also help during frosty nights for the cold to drain down on past the trees into the canyons saving the trees from freezing. Any temperatures below 35 will damage the crops first and then the trees themselves. This holds true with heat also, temperatures above 100 will damage the fruit first then the trees. So, our little bit of paradise has been perfect for raising AVOCADOS. Our families have enjoyed southern California for more the 128 years through 5 generations, helping each community we live into to prosper.