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Avocado Packs

All of our Avocado Packs include Free Shipping. Each Avocado will have a name labeled on it for you, to keep track of the taste and texture each offers. We also add a jar of fresh Honey to the first shipment of any 12 month order. Add a jar of Honey to any Avocado order for only $10!  

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Gift Packs

Avocado Monthly Makes A Perfect Gift! Send Your Loved Ones Fresh Avocados Year Round

We are continually on the hunt for more exotic varieties to add in our collection. We currently offer 16 varieties of Avocados. This year we added some delicious avocado trees to our grove including, 9 new Samee’s, 2 Bacon’s, 132 Gem’s, 2 Ettinger’s, 4 Sir Prize’s, and 4 Reed’s. We acquired 2 Queen tress on a trip through Santa Paula this summer and 2 Sharell’s known to be the best tasting avocado! This will allow us to supply inventory of the best eating Heirloom Varieties for you year-round. Some varieties are finicky setters and will miss a year or two if any little thing happens such as, too much mud and foggy mornings. There is a chance you’ll miss  some like the Nabal and the Daily 11 do to these factors. Our goal is to create you lots of varieties every month to make your pallet sing with joy as you enjoy their taster and textures.
Hello Ralph, The avocados arrived last week, Thank You. 1 zutano ripened first. Then a fuerte. Oh sweet mother of god … you have created a perfect substitute for sex!!! Fuerte = the ut-most perfect example of what an avocado is … and sex should be. The other fuerte ripened today. I just want to thank You and I will look into your website, in the near future. I am considering a monthly 6 pack. mmm mmm mmm… . .. Joseph

Guess what, my first avocado was ripe and I had it for dinner last night. YUM, YUM, now thats good eating!!! It was a big Hass, and man did it have a lot of flavor. Thanks a bunch, will really enjoy them. You guys are special. Love you guys, John
John Ogden

Hi Ralph! I just wanted to let you know that everybody loved the avocado baskets that Tim and I sent for Christmas gifts! I loved your idea and I truly hope you were overwhelmed with orders. I think this will be my gift of choice to send during the coming year instead of flowers. So this is fair warning that you will be hearing from me again. Thank you for making my gift giving so wonderful and so easy! Patty
Patty Rosa