Planning to Conceive? Avocados and Pregnancy Go Hand In Hand for a Healthy Baby

Known to be the fertility fruit for both men and women, avocados are to be eaten only during the periconceptional period but also during the pregnancy. Known as the butter fruits, these are pear-shaped and dark green in colour and are botanically referred to as the berries containing the single seed.

Being popular for their taste and nutrition, the fruit has wide culinary uses. Can this be included during pregnancy? Read on to find out how Heirloom Avocados, besides other variety, are helpful in the form of hand picked avocados:

Benefits of Avocados for Pregnant Women

1. Excellent Source of Folate
There is a lack of enough folate or folic acid which causes birth defects in babies. It is essential for the fetus to get sufficient folic acid for proper growth of the organs of the baby in the womb.

2. Treats Anaemia
Since avocado is rich in iron, it has a great role to play in pregnancy as deficiency of iron during pregnancy can lead to anaemia among pregnant females. The avocados contain abundant amounts of iron which are necessary during the pregnancy.

3. Aides Digestion
The illness of the stomach as well as constipation is a common disease during pregnancy and the rich fiber content in avocado helps in digestion and eases bowel movements.

4. Packed With Vitamins
The butter fruit is packed with vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, C, E, and K, all of which are the essential ingredients for healthy development of the fetus.

5. Combats Morning Sickness
The another common and early pregnancy symptom which leaves one tired in the first three months are the vitamin-C rich avocados which are useful in the dealing of the issue.

6. Maintains Cholesterol and Sugar Levels
The regular consumption of avocado helps in keeping the cholesterol and sugar levels in control during the pregnancy.

7. Relieves Leg Cramps
There are leg cramps which are common during pregnancy, and the avocados can provide relief from leg cramps. They have more potassium than the bananas and the potassium along with calcium will help in easing cramping.

8. Boosts Fetal Brain Development
The development of the brain of the fetus is ensured with the choline which contains 22mg of choline, and is essential for the nerve development.

9. Rich in Minerals
Contributing to the daily need or recommended intake of calcium, potassium, as well as magnesium, niacin, phosphorous, copper, zinc, and manganese, these are essential during pregnancy.

10. Helps in Nutrient Absorption
Apart from providing the nutrients, these also help in the absorption of the same in the system. Avocados make the absorption of fat soluble vitamins found in foods like sweet potatoes, leafy greens, as well as carrots all possible.

11. Full of Healthy Fats
The calories are required for pregnancy for helping the fetus grow and the good fats are necessary for it. Avocados contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are beneficial for both the mother and the unborne baby.

12. Lowers the Risk of Weight Gain
As the avocados are high in dietary fiber, they are extremely helpful in lowering the chances of the tremendous weight gain. As much as 25% of the fiber is soluble which helps in friendly bacteria in the digestive tract improve metabolic health.

13. Reduces the Risk of Preeclampsia
The rich potassium levels found in the fruit also help in lowering of the chances of preeclampsia as it is known for reducing the blood pressure levels. It could, therefore, reduce the risk of heart issues in the future.

The above mentioned avocados are the best sources of nutrients by as Heirloom Avocados and hence act as the best hand-picked avocados.

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