How Avocado Helps in Increasing Immunity Amid Covid-19 Outbreak?

The word Corona is gripping the entire world and so many measures are being taken worldwide to prevent the virus from spreading as well as treat the ones affected by Covid-19. Amidst all the chaos, let us do what little we can to help beat Corona. Social distancing and staying indoors are the major preventive methods being followed all over the world. Apart from staying indoors let us go that extra mile and boost our immune system to help fight Corona. While nutritionist guides you with a long list of foods to have to boost the immune system, we have listed the goodness of every variety of avocados and how it helps you boost your immune system.

1.Has high nutrient content
A good quality avocado is rich in several B vitamins and vitamin K, and vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E (antioxidants) and potassium. Avocados also contain phytosterols and carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Avocados have diverse fats, copper, and fiber. These nutrients in avocados help to balance hormone production. The abundance of antioxidants in avocado helps prevent disease and support your immune system.

2.Keeps your guts great
Loaded with fiber, each variety of avocado helps in easy digestion and prevents constipation.

3.Reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome
The nutrients in avocados, in the long run, helps in reducing the risks of metabolic syndrome.

4.Lowers cholesterol
Avocados has 77 percent of calories coming from fat. The oleic acid in avocado contributes to this high-fat food which is healthy. Avocados help in reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and helps in boosting HDL (good cholesterol).

5.Reduces inflammation
Monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado helps in the reduction of inflammation.

6.Helps in absorption of nutrients
Many plants have fat-soluble nutrients. Therefore, they have to be combined with a compatible fat in order to be absorbed. The abundance of fat in avocados helps you do just this. It helps your body to absorb nutrients from other foods you consume thereby keeping you healthy.

7.Aids pregnancy
Avocados are rich in folic acid and truly a wonder fruit during pregnancy. This helps in fighting birth defects like spina bifida and neural tube abnormalities. Vitamin K in avocado helps with blood coagulation.

8.Helps in shredding extra pounds
Many studies have found out that eating avocados regularly helps lower the chance of developing obesity and can contribute to weight loss as the fiber in the fruits helps you feel full thereby reducing the cravings.

9.Lowers risk of coronary heart disease
The fiber in avocado contributes to reducing the chances of coronary heart disease.

So, having said about the goodness of avocado, the million-dollar question is how to buy them without stepping out of the house. There are so many varieties of avocado available out there. Want them delivered at your doorsteps? Order online. We deliver fresh, clean, neatly packed quality avocado. Mother nature has blessed us with this wonder fruit and you know what you aren’t forbidden from eating them. So, go ahead and reap its benefits.

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