9 Avocados – 3 Months




Avocadomonthly.com aims at shipping the best quality avocados right from our farm to your table and our 9 Avocados -3 Month membership plan is an ideal solution for people who desires to stay fit and healthy. In this subscription plan, we offer nine handpicked avocados shipped each month for six months to help you maintain your weight, lifestyle, taste, and healthy eating habits.

High-grade avocados are grown organically, picked fresh from our farm each morning and shipped directly to your location on the same day to maintain optimal taste and freshness. Our 9 Avocados -3 Month membership plan includes avocados in your vegan & vegetarian lifestyles and helps you prepare healthy meals for your weight loss programs. Stay fit, healthy, and energetic, and place an order right now to get fresh avocados delivered to your doorstep for next the six months.


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