6 Avocados – 6 Months




Working out to reduce weight or want to have a healthier lifestyle? Nothing is more nutritious and healthier than having an avocado with your meal. This super food comes packed with plenty of healthy fats, amino acids, nutrients and vitamins that completes the daily dose of your nutrition and makes you feel energized. The 6 Avocados – 6 Month avocado subscription is specially designed to help people maintain healthy food habits and ensure that they get perfect nutrition through a natural source.

In the 6 Avocados – 6 Month subscription plan, 6 large organic avocados will be shipped to your location for 6 consecutive months. These organic fruits are handpicked from our family owned and operated ranch and each of these avocados weigh around 7-9 ounces. The fruits are picked fresh from the farms and are packaged properly to ensure that they reach your destination fresh and healthy. Place your order now to get this amazing fruit delivered right to your doorstep.


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