Customer Testimonials


I like the presentation …

I think you need to point out you have avocados average folks never find in a store and they have very different “exotic” flavors that most people never get to try … flavors that are unforgetable and allow consumers to expand their tasting horizon’s.

You’ve got something that tastes better than they can get in their supermarket or green grocer. These are flavor gems. You’ve got to justify the price. These aint just for guacamole, these are one of a kind sensations, mouthwatering, touched with a gentle hot sauce and splash of lemon, they’re to be savoured, feasted upon with a fine Chardonay …

Stay tuned.

Steve Mallory

Hello Ralph,

The avocados arrived last week, Thank You.

1 zutano ripened first. Then a fuerte. Oh sweet mother of god … you have created a perfect substitute for sex!!!

Fuerte = the ut-most perfect example of what an avocado is … and sex should be. The other fuerte ripened today. I just want to thank You and I will look into your website, in the near future. I am considering a monthly 6 pack.

mmm mmm mmm… . .. Joseph


Guess what, my first avocado was ripe and I had it for dinner last night. YUM, YUM, now thats good eating!!! It was a big Hass, and man did it have a lot of flavor. Thanks a bunch, will really enjoy them. You guys are special. Love you guys,


John Ogden

Hi Ralph!

I just wanted to let you know that everybody loved the avocado baskets that Tim and I sent for Christmas gifts! I loved your idea and I truly hope you were overwhelmed with orders. I think this will be my gift of choice to send during the coming year instead of flowers. So this is fair warning that you will be hearing from me again.

Thank you for making my gift giving so wonderful and so easy!

Tim and I wish you and your family a wonderful and safe New Year’s Holiday and a prosperous 2012.


Patty Rosa

Hi, Ralph!

I would like to order one of the sampler boxes, with the different varieties of avocados identified, for my family back in Virginia. I sent them one like that three years ago (from you) and they still haven’t stopped talking about how great it was!

Rosalie Cresswell

Tried the Zutano last night – it was fantastic, gentle taste, perfect texture (not too soft, not too firm, just right), juicy and I enjoyed the flavor without the need to add salt! I was able to easily peel the skin with my fingers. How beautiful is that?

It definitely shows how much love and care you put into your beautiful Avocados. Can’t wait to try the rest 🙂

Amir Ginsberg

Ralph Foster, my Aunt told me the last box she got from you had the most amazing creamy rich avocado. Hands down all your avocados are the best but this one was exceptional. It was thin skinned. Not sure what variety but she thought it was from a special golden prized tree!

Cindy Rice Johnson